The Moment You Realize It's Time To Get Some Help For Mom...

Senior Assisted Living Could Be Your Answer

Dear Caregiver,

Watching a parent or loved one change for the worse...

Trying to be the good son or daughter when your parent stops listening or never seems to appreciate all that you do for them... Seeing the love of your life lose a little bit of themselves every single day.

Almost everyone will, at some point in life, have to deal with an aging family member, whether it's a parent, a sibling, or even a spouse.

As a society, we feel an innate obligation to care for them as best we can.

And at Country Gardens Assisted Living, we know that you carry that obligation around. You want to honor your loved one, care for them, and keep them safe.... 

  • What happens when there isn't enough of you to go around?
  • When the daily struggles become too much to handle?
  • When your loved one simply needs more help, companionship, and day-to-day care than you can provide?

The Help Your Loved One Needs

We also know that the word "burden" is never supposed to be said out loud. Feelings of guilt... shame.... resentment... helplessness.

These can often be a part of your life without anyone there to understand what you're going through or guide you through the process of choosing the right type of care for your loved one - care that can put your mind at ease and give them the physical and emotional support they need in their golden years. So...

Where can you turn in your time of need?

Who can give you specific and meaningful advice?

Where do you go to find the help you and your loved one need, now that the time has come?


Many people start the process of looking for assisted living care by searching on the internet hoping to find an elder care community close by.

When they call to ask questions and get more information, the person they usually talk to has their own set of questions designed to disqualify their loved one for care rather than looking to make them a part of the community.

That's not unusual - they just want to make sure your loved one's needs match their capabilities.

Other options might include asking friends and coworkers or even calling elder care organizations.

The problem is that not one of these options know the TRUE NEEDS or abilities that your loved one has.

So, the questions is... what now?

What if you had an online tool you could use in the privacy of your own home to discover the perfect community for your loved one?

One that could guide you, based on a short, 4-minute questionnaire to gauge the level of assistance they needed?

  • For instance, does your loved one need help with their meds?
  • Can they drive themselves or do they need someone to chauffeur them around?
  • Do they have a problem with mobility? Do they just need a cane?
  • Can they go to the bathroom on their own? Dress themselves?
  • Can they cook their own food or do they need assistance?

Introducing the SmartChoices Tool...

With just a few clicks, you can discover the BEST OPTION for your loved one, all without wasting time on needless phone calls or having to discuss your family member's needs to someone who can't even help you.

This easy-to-use survey gives you the opportunity to select from a number of choices regarding the level of care your family member needs regarding:

  • Mobility
  • Medication Use
  • Mood
  • Bathroom Needs
  • Personal Care
  • Memory

So, the question is, why not use a simple online tool to help you find the PERFECT FIT for your loved one long before you call and waste time with facilities that may not work? And it's only a click away.

And it's available right here from Country Gardens Assisted Living.

Look, we know that trying to find assisted living for your love one can be an overwhelming experience.

Finding the right community or a home for them can seem like an overwhelming task.

Our SmartChoices Tool is designed to eliminate the worry and frustration in finding that PERFECT OPTION for your loved one.

Take advantage today and discover the best choice for your loved one while giving yourself the peace of mind so desperately needed in today's world.

Is your goal to find compassionate care and resident safety community?

The SmartChoices Tool will help you do just that!

What Does The SmartChoices Tool Mean For You and Your Loved One In Need?

Different levels of care are available at different communities and it is OUR PRIORITY to help you find the EXACT care you are looking for to make sure your loved one feels safe, wanted, loved, and well taken care of in their time of need.

For more information please click the button above and don't hesitate to reach out so we can answer your questions and discuss future plans for your family member.

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